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Note: To receive and send SMS and MMS messages on your Mac, your iPhone must have iOS 8.1 or later, and your iPhone and Mac must be signed in to iMessage using the same Apple ID. Additionally, you must set up your iPhone For å bruke SMS/MMS på iPhone må du ha et tekstmeldingsabonnement. Kontakt mobiloperatøren din for å få mer informasjon. Du kan også konfigurere de andre Apple-enhetene dine til å sende og motta meldinger fra en hvilken som helst Apple-enhet. Hvis Wi-Fi ikke er tilgjengelig, blir iMessage-meldinger sendt via mobildata

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Note that Send as SMS does not do what you think it does; what it does is enable fallback to SMS in case an iMessage couldn't be delivered for a while. I personally recommend leaving it disabled, as it can cause conversations with people who have only intermittent connectivity to the Internet to jump back and forth between iMessage and SMS iMessage is a built-in messaging app for everyone in Apple's ecosystem. From your Mac, you can message all your iPhone-using friends, and—if you have an iPhone as well—send and receive regular SMS messages with Android users Messages can send to @icloud adresses (in fact, to an Apple ID), OR send SMSs to phone numbers, but these are really sent from iPhone, I presume. (Almost never use Messages in mac... but I opened it just to confirm you can use an address in Contact, even not having an Apple ID, but phone number, and then message is green colour -instead of blue- , like in an iOS device)

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  1. Method 1. How to Send iMessage from PC. If you have a Windows-based computer and you would like to access the iMessage feature, this section will help you do it. Basically, what you are going to do in this method is you are going to use a remote access tool to connect to an iMessage-enabled Mac from your Windows PC to send and receive an iMessage
  2. SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service. Basically, it's a text message limited to 160 characters. MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. With an MMS, you can send a message including pictures, video, or audio content to another device. We'll show you how both of these can be sent and received on your Mac
  3. After that, everything was working on all devices except 1 thing. I cannot send iMessages from Messages on my Mac. iMessage is working on my iPhone correctly. I can receive iMessages on both Mac and iPhone. I can even send SMS (non-imessage) messages on my Mac. Really, all I can't do is to send iMessages from the Mac. What I did
  4. If you aren't using iMessage, you can use SMS/MMS. These messages are texts and photos that you send to other cell phones or another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. SMS/MMS messages aren't encrypted and appear in green text bubbles on your device

How to Send Text Message Instead of iMessage on iPhone. Within the Messages settings, there's an option called Send as SMS. When enabled, if your iPhone fails to send an iMessage, it will switch to SMS and send the message as normal text. Step #1. Go to Settings and Tap on Messages. Step #2. Turn On the Switch next to Send as SMS Del 1: Aktiver SMS-meldinger på Mac For å kunne sende og motta iMessage-meldinger eller SMS på Mac, må du aktivere funksjonen. Det er viktig at dette vil bare fungere med iOS 8 eller nyere og en Mac som støtter Yosemite og El Capitan. Sørg også for at du bruker den samme Apple-ID på tvers av alle enheter iMessage allows users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over the Internet to other iOS or macOS users. iMessage is an alternative to the SMS and MMS messaging for most users with devices running iOS 5 or later. The Send as SMS setting under Messages will cause the message to be sent via SMS if the sender does not have an active Internet connection When it works properly, you can send messages from your Mac or your iPhone and they sync over iCloud. Image from Apple. Once it's set up, your Mac should display all the text messages or iMessages you send or receive with any of your other Apple devices. You should also be able to send new messages from your Mac, as a text or an iMessage

If you're trying to send a message from your iPhone to your Mac and the iMessage issue is that your text message does not show up on your Mac, make sure that you've enabled SMS text message forwarding and relay for iPhone and Mac. That way, Mac can relay SMS text messages to and from iPhone through Messages This also enables you to send SMS text messages straight from your Mac without having to reach for your iPhone. Check if iMessage also works on your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, your Mac isn't the problem

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  1. See also: iMessage Won't Send Pictures. Users report that when they attempt to send a message, they see a little red exclamation mark symbol next to my message, and they cannot resent it. Using the Messages app on the Mac, you can easily send and/or receive SMS text messages (normal text messages) and iMessages (Apple's messaging service)
  2. You send an iMessage which fails and is paused until network connectivity is re-initiated, and before that occurs tap and hold the send icon and you have send as sms yet will only work once you of carrier connection so initially it'll fail yet hold and then you send and it'll goto SMS
  3. Normally, when sending a contact message from your the Mac, it will attempt to send an iMessage first (by checking the person's email address or phone number with Apple's database). If the person doesn't use iMessage or has a non-Apple device, your Mac will just send a plain old SMS relayed via your iPhone
  4. iMessage is Apple's propriety service that let you send free SMS and MMS to anyone who uses Mac or iPhone. In the same way you can receive SMS and MMS on your Mac from other iMessage users. Not only messages, you can also send and receive videos, photos, voice memos, location, and contacts. So if you want to use the iMessage to send and.
  5. How to send an iMessage to an Android user We show how to break out of the walled garden and send an iMessage to an Android-using friend or relative By David Price , Edito

Method 2: Use SMS for iMessage (ichat) to send iMessage from Android. SMS for iMessage is also an application most commonly known as iChat. This allows the users to send messages through iMessages from an Android device. The greatest disadvantage of this is that you can only send five messages for free The Messages app on Mac allows you to send iMessages easily to and from the computer to any other iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch that is also using the iMessage protocol. Messages usually works just fine, but sometimes there can be issues encountered that prevent the iMessage feature from working in MacOS How to Set Up iMessage on Mac. When you first launch iMessage, you might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you're not sure how to connect iMessage to Mac, use the same Apple ID that you use for iCloud, iTunes, App Store, and your Mac account. iMessage also gives you the option to add a third-party messaging service, including Google, Yahoo, and AOL accounts

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  1. You can use SMS/MMS to send messages with either phone number.* You can switch phone numbers before you send an SMS/MMS message. Here's how: Open Messages. Tap the New button, in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter your contact's name. Tap the current phone number. Tap the number you want to use. * Additional fees may apply. Check with.
  2. This limits Mac Messages to only be able to send and receive iMessages from other iMessage enabled devices (such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Macs). Also, another result of this is the fact that only iMessage threads will sync over to your Mac - SMS threads won't (as you have noticed)
  3. MAC OS X support to send iMessages directly from your MAC using the iPhone number. Actually all of your iOS devices can send and receive iMessages by using the same phone number as iMessage ID. These message platform supports both SMS and MMS on all these devices just like your iPhone
  4. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Group Text Free -Send SMS,iMessage,Email Message In Batches Fast. Download Group Text Free -Send SMS,iMessage,Email Message In Batches Fast and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Those are all the steps to setting up iMessage on a Mac. Now, let's get into how you can use the program to send messages to your family and friends. How to use iMessage on Mac 1. Click Messages to launch the program. Click on the Messages icon on your desktop to open the app. 2. Click the New Conversation icon to start a conversation As a professional iPhone Message To Mac transfer software, SyncBird is capable of syncing both your SMS messages and iMessage from iPhone to your Mac. As a perfect iTunes Alternative utility, SyncBird can sync your messages, contact, Safari bookmarks, photos, music and other iOS data to your Mac. And you can choose the format for your output. Finally, the long-awaited macOS 10.15 version update is available on the new Mac device. However, the common problem faced by all is the macOS 10.15 iMessage is not working.We understand that is quite frustrating but no worries, as this article will help you fix iMessage not working on macOS 10.15 errors permanently ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Group Text Free -Send SMS,iMessage,Email Message In Batches Fast. Download Group Text Free -Send SMS,iMessage,Email Message In Batches Fast and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Alle vet at du kan sende iMessages fra hvilken som helst iOS- eller MacOS-enhet du eier. Visste du imidlertid at du faktisk også kan sende standard SMS-meldinger? Dette stemmer både for iPad o

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This article explains how to send an SMS, text message, iMessage or group message on an iPhone, iPad and Mac, and access your entire message history on any device anywhere iMessage mit Mac senden Auch Apple präsentiert mit iMessage einen Service, der in Konkurrenz zur klassischen SMS steht. Wir stellen iMessage vor und zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie den Dienst auf Ihrem Apple mit OS X Mountain Lion nutzen können På svenska heter det Meddelanden i menyn. Har upptäckt att iMessage snor en del av mina telefon-sms och även från FB:s messenger. Jag begriper inte hur. Har försökt radera iMessage men misslyckats. Är det någon av er som råkat ut för något liknande. Hope you all enjoy the video :-). This video shows how to send text or imessages from a mac osx 10.9 mavericks computer to a cell/iPhone. You can also receive text and imessages back from the people you text. The program used called Messages should

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Head over to the Settings, tap on the Messages section and toggle off the Send as SMS option. This very important because this ensures that any message that isn't delivered by iMessage will eventually be sent as a normal text message. If this option is on, the message will be sent as a SMS immediately your turn off the airplane mode I know. That's the problem, the phone is *trying* to send an imessage to a non-apple device, when I want it to send an SMS. When I use the Reply With Message feature in ios6, it seems to do it as an imessage regardless of whether it's being sent to a non-apple device or not Du kan sende iMessage mellom iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch og Mac-datamaskinen etter at du har slått på denne tjenesten. Trinn 1. Koble din iPhone til et Wi-Fi-nettverk eller slå på mobildataplan. Hvis du bare vil sende iMessage, gå til Innstillinger> Melding og veksle av Send som SMS -alternativet The iMessage service is present inside the regular Messages app. And so is SMS. But the SMS service needs a working phone number and a SIM card to function. You can send SMS to non-Apple users as. If not, iMessage will not be able to work on Mac. Tip #8. Set Date and Time to Automatic on Mac. Over the times we've seen that date and time setting can cause a lot of applications problems. Just setting them to automatic can solve the issues on your Mac and the same goes when you aren't able to send or receive messages on iMessage for Mac

iMessage allows users to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over the Internet to other iOS or macOS users. iMessage is an alternative to the SMS and MMS messaging for most users with devices running iOS 5 or later Remember that iMessage and regular text message (SMS) are not the same thing. While both iMessage and SMS allow you to send text, photos, and various other media, iMessages will only send to other users of iOS devices and Macs. iMessages can be sent through Wi-Fi connection, while you need a text messaging plan from your carrier to send SMS If you say send an iMessage and the recipient is an os5 user and is connected to wifi, Siri will send via iMessage. If they are not an os5 user, or not connected to wifi, the send defaults to SMS. You can prevent sending SMS by changing the settings. Go to Settings, Messages, and turn 'Send As SMS' to OFF

Step 5: After you see the iMessage app, just click on the download button, and when the downloading process finishes you will find the iMessage app on your PC as well. Step 6: Then just find the app by using an iPadian emulator and open the app. Now just run the iMessage on PC and enjoy chatting at free of cost. Therefore, what a cool and easy procedure is there to get iMessage on PC installed Usually we use iMessage. But they don't have an iPhone, so if they send me an SMS message, I know they're on their phone. It shows up in the same conversion. By default, it has me reply by iMessage, which they wouldn't get immediately because they're not on their Mac Deretter vil det automatisk bli aktivert en iMessage-melding hver gang du prøver å sende en SMS til en kontakt - som også er iMessage-bruker. Blå iMessage — grønn SMS Når du velger vedkommende kontakt, som du ikke trenger å ha andre kontaktdata til enn mobilnummeret, svitsjer send-knappen fra å være grønn for SMS - til blå for iMessage

Lokalisere iMessage > Send Les kvitteringer, og slå den på igjen. Send som SMS. iMessage lar deg sende den som SMS når iMessage er utilgjengelig, kan du gå til innstillinger > meldinger > Send som SMS for å aktivere den. Sikkerhetskopier og gjenopprett iOS-data til PC / Mac enkelt . Check your iMessage settings if you can't send regular texts. Sometimes some of the iMessage settings may be causing problems with the service. Open the Settings app on your iOS device and select Messages. Ensure that Send as SMS is enabled. This will ensure that messages get sent as SMS texts if iMessage is unavailable iMessage on Other Devices. If you have a Mac, you can use the Messages app to send iMessages to anyone with an Apple device. As long as you're signed in with the same Apple ID, all your messages should be available and synced with your Mac. If you'd like to also send SMS texts from your Mac, go to Settings > Messages on your iPhone and select.

py-imessage. py-imessage is a library to send iMessages from your Mac computer (it does not work on Windows/Linux). It was originally used to build an API for iMessages; however, Apple doesn't support third-parties using iMessage over a few hundred marketing messages per day Obviously, iMessage exists in the Apple ecosystem, vastly used in iPhone and iPad, respectively, but most of the people own a Windows computer instead of a Mac Computer. People really do love iMessage as it is fast clean, extremely reliable, and the features are really awesome that is inside of the application, however, there is one issue with it, why isn't it on windows Det er riktig, iPhone-brukere kan velge å selektivt sende en SMS-melding i stedet for iMessage til mottakeren. Dette kan gjøres per melding, når som helst, men det er spesielt nyttig hvis du finner en iMessage ikke kan sende uansett grunn med en Send feil melding eller på annen måte. Slik sender du sms-tekstmeldinger i stedet for iMessage

How to Make Sure iPhone Sends iMessage and Not SMS Text Message. If you find that your iPhone is sending paid SMS Messages to Apple device users, you can follow the methods as provided below to make sure that iPhone sends iMessages to Apple Device Users. 1. Disable Send As SMS. Follow the steps below on your iPhone to disable Send As SMS option. 1 Con marcas de lujo y ofertas increíbles, lookfantastic es el hogar de la belleza online. ¡Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter para descubrir ofertas y lanzamientos exclusivos You can send and receive SMS text messages on your iPhone from those who have a different brand of device automatically. But, your iPad and Mac work a little differently. You may have noticed that you can only exchange text messages using the Messages app if the other person has an Apple device How to Send an iMessage with iMessage effects in macOS Big Sur. Of course, whenever you want to spice up the conversation a bit, you can manually pick from a number of selected animated effects as well. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below: Open the Messages app on your Mac

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  1. With it, you can send messages to apple devices using iMessage, such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and even Mac. Not only can you use it to send text messages from Mac, but also you can send out photos, videos, audio clips, web links, Emoji and many other files
  2. How to set up Mac OS X Messages to send SMS texts August 07, 2015 / Dennis Sellers Recently I noted that, for whatever reason, Messages on my Mac quit offering the option to send folks messages in any format but its native iMessage format
  3. d him of an appointment. I can't do that because he is not a registered user with iMessage
  4. SMS Mac is not only a user-friendly way to send text messages, it is also a highly reliable one: For every SMS you send, you get a delivery report. No commercials are tagged to your message, the entire message (all 160 characters) is yours
  5. Instead of having to hard-code the iMessage service, you can find it automatically: Save the following script as sendMessage.applescript (Note: make sure to choose the Text option).; Execute it by running: osascript sendMessage.applescript 1235551234 Hello there!. This will send an iMessage to the phone number 123-555-1234 containing the text Hello there!
  6. How do you register a non apple phone in iMessage so you can send SMS and MMS . P. pendlewitch. Joined Sep 10, 2011 Messages 1,811 Reaction score 49 Points 48. Dec 28, 2012 #2 Hi when you say 'non apple'.if it's anything other than an iOS device or a Mac with iMessage then you can't text for free over Wi-Fi . R

Should there not be a connection, iMessage will give you the option to send your note as an SMS instead. The thing to remember is that iMessage is an Apple-only platform, and as such only works. iMessage is a free, secure messaging service with end-to-end encryption for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Pc, and Windows 7/8/10. It was released in 2011 What is iMessage ? iMessage is the name of an application run on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac. This allows users to send and receive Text SMS's , videos and MMs from other devices. To know more about iMessage visit this official page. How To Send Text SMS From iMessage To Non-iPhone Use You can iMessage right on your Mac. This makes texting a lot easier than using your phone. Regardless of your Mac, you should have the iMessage application a.. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Group Text Pro - Send SMS,iMessage & Email quickly. Download Group Text Pro - Send SMS,iMessage & Email quickly and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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Mac and iOS users can start iMessage conversations and send text messages from the web, email, or anywhere else a link can be clicked, by using a custom URL to launch the Messages app. Using this you can start an iMessage chat to any other iMessage user or send them an SMS through the Messages app (from an iPhone, or assuming SMS relay is setup on the Mac ) Download Send Personalized Mobile Sms Text Messages Mac Software Advertisement ER210 SmartPhone Recovery PRO v. Instantly recover deleted data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch including SMS Text Messages , Contacts, Calendar, Notes, iMessage and Contacts

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Toggle the switch next to your Mac's name to On. On your Mac, look for a notification with a numeric code ③. ③ Look for a verification code on your Mac. Tip: If the verification code doesn't appear, sign out of iMessage on your Mac and iPhone, sign back in, and then try the set up process again. Enter the code on your iPhone. SMS. iMessage allows you to send and receive messages from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. We show you how to set it up on your iPhon Zusätzlicher Tipp: iMessage/SMS-Nachrichten von iPhone auf PC/Mac übertragen. Wenn Sie eine Kopie von iMessages oder SMS-Nachrichten auf Ihrem Computer mit richtigem Format erstellen möchten, können Sie AnyTrans versuchen. Es ist eine iOS-Dateiübertragung, mit der Sie alle Nachrichten sowie Anhänge an Computer im HTML / TEXT / PDF- Format senden können Here's how to run iMessage on your PC via your Mac device Download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension for Google Chrome on your Mac and Windows device. Now go to the Remote Desktop extension in the Google Chrome browser on your Mac computer and write the access code on a piece of paper (Or take a picture on your phone if you are lazy) Send SMS Address Book Plugin v.2.3 A SMS sender integrated in your Address Book.With SMS Mac you can send a text message (SMS) to any mobile in the world. SMS Mac sends the SMS using the Internet, so you dont need to use or own a mobile

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How to send a message as SMS if iMessage isn't available. Open Settings > Scroll down to 'Messages' > Toggle on 'Send as SMS'. How to turn off iMessage previews on Mac How to Turn On iMessage on Mac iMessage is a hassle-free, simple way to communicate with your friends, family members, and colleagues—and it's built-in on any given Apple device. It allows you to send videos, text, send bitmojis or play games with whoever you like, whenever you like AirMessage does not alter your iMessage setup in any way. However iMessage is configured to work for you now, it will continue to work the same after setting up AirMessage. Since all of your messages are first routed through your Mac computer, it may simply be best to think of AirMessage as of extension of this computer Aug 8,2014 Posted by Allen Lee to iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer for Mac. Looking for a way to backup and restore iPhone SMS, MMS, iMessage messages on computer? Backuptrans iPhone SMS/MMS/iMessage Transfer for Mac is a smart messages backup & restore tool which can help you backup & restore iPhone SMS, MMS, iMessage with attachments easily on Mac computer

Therefore, you will begin to find out that how to send an iMessage as a text message instead from iPhone. In this case, you have 3 options of force sending SMS rather than iMessage as below. Guide List; Part 1: iMessage Be Sent as Text Message by Pressing iMessage; Part 2: Send Text Instead Of iMessage via turn off Cellular Data and Wi-F With iMessage, you can use various fun screen effects like balloons, confetti, fireworks, lasers, shouting, and more, when you send messages from your iPhone and iPad. Apple iMessage service is a major feature of the Messages app and Apple ecosystem, it's extremely popular as a way to freely text message other iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch users It's easy to set up iMessage on a Mac to send and receive messages. Here's how to do it, and sync your messages with an iPhone or iPad using iCloud AirMessage leverages the power of your Mac computer in order to route messages to and from Apple's iMessage servers. The server is to be installed on a computer at home, and will pass messages to and from your smartphone to allow the usage of iMessage and other installed services

The app synchronizes Android SMS text messages to your Mac, Windows PC, Android Tablet, and even iPad. As soon as you receive a message on your smartphone, it notifies you to keep you updated. Even better, you can access a large collection of standard emojis or even define your own custom avatars to bring more fun into text messaging With Messages for Mac, you can send unlimited messages to any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that uses iMessage, Apple's secure-messaging service. IPhone owners can use it for SMS and MMS. After you can enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC and easily access your Apps and files securely and freely how to fix can receive but not send messages on mac, iMessage on mac not sending but receiving, iMessage on mac receiving but not sending, iMessage or Text Messages not working on macOS Catalina. SMS sent from iOS are added to messages on macOS. So it works that way, but not from macOS to iOS (because Messages does not seem to know about SMS, only iMessage.) NEW: Turned Forward Text Messages off, turned off both Mac an The advantage of iMessage over the simple SMS and MMS is that it does not require a mobile operator for sending messages it uses WI0fi and transfers the message to another Apple device. If you using the iPhone the messages send over the iMessage are shown in blue bubbles as normal SMS is shown in blue so this helps you differentiate between the SMS and iMessage

How Do I Force a Message to be Sent as an SMS in iOS?

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iMessage is an instant messaging (IM) service in the Messages app on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. It differs from SMS in its use of end-to-end encryption and enhanced chat features Macアプリ「メッセージ」で、iMessage のサインインとサインアウト方法を紹介します。 Mac で、Apple ID を利用している方は iMessage にサインインした状態になっています。Apple ID の変更などの理由で iMessage から一旦サインアウトし、別の I iMessage aktivieren. Dieses wikiHow bringt dir bei, wie du dein Apple-Gerät so einrichtest, dass du iMessage senden und empfangen kannst. Das erlaubt es dir, Nachrichten an andere iPhone-, iPad- und Mac-Nutzer über WLAN zu senden und sie..

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I found out that internally macOS determines which network to send a message on via the sms:// or imessage:// destination prefix (bizarrely, even when specifying onService:@iMessage in specific API calls), but try as I might, I couldn't figure out a way to determine a priori if a given phone number was on the iMessage network or not - at least, not with the APIs that I'd discovered by. With iMessage, you can send unlimited messages to your friends or family who use iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. It is pretty simple to use iMessage feature on iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. However, some of the users may feel confused about how to set up iMessages on Mac and have a conversation Steps to Send iMessage on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. SMS/MMS always works automatically depending on the network settings, carrier settings, carrier plans, and more. Generally, an iMessage is considered as a text message when it comes to Apple to Apple devices. But for the non-Apple devices, the iMessage will become SMS/MMS iMessage doesn't send sms it's a data use messaging system. You can do it with any other messaging system as well. Signal, Telegram, slack, even discord, etc Ubuntu + Firefox has become my daily driver. I would like to be able to send iMessage from Firefox. I am able to using my Apple ID in Firefox. Is there a URL that can enable me to send iMessage

How to Send Text Message Instead of iMessage on iPhone

Send Android SMS text messages from your computer with the DeskSMS app. DeskSMS integrates Android Texts with your computer. Thanks to PC World, Lifehacker, and GadgetHacks for featuring us! Download the app, and signin using your Google account. You can then use DeskSMS desktop app to send & receive text messages via your Android phone More than that, Messenger has GIF keyboards like Bitmoji, QuizChat, Memes and many such cool options. Now you can make use of the app to send SMS on Android devices. If you want you can gain access to it through PC or Mac. 2. Telegram. The next app that we have on the list of iMessage alternatives for iOS/Android is Telegram Imessage als sms senden ios 13 iOS 12/11/10: iMessage als SMS senden - So klapp . In einigen Fällen muss man aber iMessage als SMS senden, weil iMessage nicht verfügbar ist. So stellen wir Ihnen zwei Lösungen in dieser Anleitung vor, um iOS 13/12/11/10 iMessage als SMS leicht zu senden. Weg 1: iMessage als SMS in der Nachrichten-App senden. 1 IMessage for Mac Steps to Download and Install iMessage for Mac: The steps are very simple, so here we go with the steps. As you have Apple Mac, you will not need to download an emulator. Accept the op ups on the Mac. (repeat for other devices signing back in) Set the 'Send as SMS' item

How to Set Up and Use iMessage on a MacHow To Tell An iMessage From A Text Message - Macworld UKHow to Send and Receive iPhone SMS on MacHow to Fix the Most Common iMessage Problems
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